While market share in the expired domain auctions has slipped over recent years, their pending delete domain drop capture rate has not suffered. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for their pricing unfortunately.

Historically, SnapNames was the big dog on the block. They have a large network of registrars that work with snapnames exclusively providing them with the necessary horsepower to be extremely successful in drop domain capture rates. Although they have experienced some turbulence over the years due to a confusing system of managing captured domains and the loss of several of their partner registrars, they still remain a strong option. has overtaken them in successful capture rates however, their loss can be your gain. Because of the smaller user base and private auctions, investors can cash in on low competition auctions and avoid high dollar wins driven by investor competition which in turn, leaves investors with larger resale margins. 


SnapNames has the industries highest price when it comes to backorder cost. They charge $79 per backorder. There is no upfront charge and no charge if you are not the winner of the private auction.

Auction Type: No Reserve

Audience: Private

Price: $79


  • High domain capture rates
  • Low bidder competition
  • Private auctions
  • Low bidder competition
  • No upfront cost for backorders


  • Industry high backorder cost of $79
  • Post-sale domain management+
  • No bulk pricing / discount

+SnapNames uses a private network of registrars to capture drop domains so "won" domains may be managed at a multitude of different registrars. Post-sale, you will receive an email from either SnapNames or the sponsoring registrar with login instructions for domain management. This process tends to lead to mismanagement and consumer confusion.

Take Away

Although SnapNames has taken a lot of public heat for issues such as domains being lost when they were consolidating domain management to Moniker as well as their cumbersome system of post-sale domain management however, they still remain a strong alternative to their competitors in overall successful drop capturing. If you can stand the post-sale management headache, SnapNames is a great option for domains that are likely to have high bidder competition at competing services with public auctions.

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To learn more about visit their FAQ page at the link below or check our Tips and Tricks page to learn how to get a competitive advantage.

SnapNames FAQ