With the exception of Godaddy, has the largest and most active pre-release and drop auction network. Because of the registrars that feed their marketplace, you can always locate high quality aged domains available on their pre-release auctions. Based on user volume, NameJet is the investors "go to" platform for drop domain capturing, pre-release expired auctions and private listings. Much of that behavior is driven by investor routine rather than drop capture rates. NameJet like Godaddy, has exclusive expired / pre-release domains as well as private reserve and no reserve auctions so it makes sense that investors will tend to do business within the same ecosystem. That said, NameJet's capture rates have suffered due to partial loss of their registrar network but they are still a strong contender in the industry. Additionally, competition for domains tend be higher leading to higher average cost post auction. That coupled with an unintuitive bidding system makes investing at NameJet a bit confusing, especially for new and hobbyist investors that don't consistently utilize the platform. Also, like SnapNames, "won" backordered domains are not managed at a universal registrar, making post-sale management difficult and disconnected. 


NameJet backorder pricing is an industry high of $79 and follows the same purchase path as SnapNames.

Auction Type: No reserve

Audience: Private

Price: $79


  • High capture rates
  • Private auctions for backorder holders
  • Consistent Delivery
  • Verified Bidders+

+One of NameJets best features is the verified bidder program. This feature requires that bidders over a certain threshold have to verify their payment ability and leads to trustworthy bidding in the way of shill bidding and propping up auction prices.


  • High cost for backorders
  • Confusing auction system
  • Delayed auction related communication
  • Confusing post-sale domain management

Take Away

NameJet is a strong contender in the drop domain capture space however, their pricing and confusing platform leaves a lot to be desired. The investor market benefits most from the high quality expired pre-release auctions opposed to drop domain capturing.

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To learn more about drop domain capturing, visit their FAQ at the link below or check out our Tips and Tricks page to learn how to get a competitive advantage. FAQ