Hexonet.com Review

About Hexonet.com

Unlike other domain drop capturing services, Hexonet.com has become a leader in a niche space. While they aren't much help in catching generic TLDs, they do top the market in ccTLD capture rates. Additionally, several ccTLDs that are not supported by other drop domain capture services, are available through Hexonet.com. To sweeten the pot, they also offer gTLD backorders; a service that is yet to be touched by competitors. 

A clean site and system of locating and backordering ccTLDs and gTLDs makes Hexonet a sleek and sexy hidden gem among domain investing veterans. As the saying goes, ".com is king" ... in the US. Seasoned and overseas investors however may find a home for success in hexonet.com. 


Hexonet requires that you pre-fund your account in order to participate in backorders. While this may seem like an inconvenience, cashing out unused funds is simple and quick. Backorder prices vary depending on TLD. To check pricing for a specific domain, click here

Auction Type: No reserve

Audience: Private

Price: Variable


  • Low cost backorders
  • High ccTLD and gTLD capture rates
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Responsive support
  • Low bidder competition
  • In house registrar for post sale domain management


  • Prepaid backorder deposit
  • Lower generic TLD capture rate

Take Away

While there are better options for .com backorders, Hexonet is second to none on gTLD and ccTLD capture rates. Their prices are low and their interface is sleek and intuitive.

Learn More About Hexonet.com

To Learn more about Hexonet.com, visit their wiki page at the link below or check out our tips and tricks page to gain a competitive edge.

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