About is most known for their pre-release / expired domain auctions however, they do offer domain backorder as well. While the UI is simple to use and the price is extremely affordable, drop domain capturing is not their meal ticket. While they are successful in catching domains, they more or less do not have the horsepower to beat other drop catching services to the registration. With that said, in most cases they don't have to! The Godaddy expired domain auctions boast 300,000+ pre-release domains per month which makes the need to invest in drop capturing almost irrelevant from a business perspective. 


Godaddy backorders cost $24.98 and are purchased as an open credit. Once you have the credit purchased, you can assign it to the domain of your choice. Backorders credits can be cancelled and reused if you are not successful in capturing the dropped domain.

Auction Type: No Reserve

Audience: Public

Price: $24.98


  • At $24.98, Godaddy domain backorders are the among the least expensive in the industry
  • The user interface is easy to use
  • Email communication is timely and keeps you up to date on the status of the backorder
  • The cost of the backorder includes the cost of the domain renewal
  • In cases where you were the first to backorder the domain, the backorder credit also includes the cost of 1 bid in public auction


  • The cost of a backorder is paid upfront
  • They have a very low capture rate of pending delete domains compared to the rest of the industry
  • If multiple backorders are placed on the same domain, they go to public auction
  • Because of Godaddy's expired auction marketplace, there are several nuances to using backorders that often cause consumer confusion

Take Away

While Godaddy backorders are an effective means of bidding on domains that are going to the expired domain auctions, they leave a lot to be desired in the way of capturing pending delete domains. Additionally, there are several nuances that are completely unique to Godaddy. If you are "in the know" you may benefit from those nuances however, the general consumer or new investor is unlikely to understand them and the information is not easily available.

Learn More about Godaddy Backorders

To learn more about Godaddy backorders, visit their FAQ at the link below or visit our Tips and Tricks to domain investing page:

Backorder FAQ