DropCatch.com Review

About DropCatch.com

DropCatch.com is the uncontested leader in drop domain capturing. They boast several hundred registrar licenses which allows them to attempt hundreds of purchase attempts simultaneously at the moment a domain drops. Because of the horsepower and precise algorithms they use in drop capturing, they have an extremely high success rate. In the event that you are the only backorder holder of a domain, DropCatch.com will award you the domain for the cost of a single backorder at $59. If there are multiple backorders for the same domain, the domain name will go to a 3 day public auction where the highest bidder wins. This of course leads to some extremely competitive bidding for top quality names. Their final auction prices scale toward a much higher cost for drop domains compared to the rest of the industry. 

Their service is not without fault though. DropCatch is owned and operated by the parent company Turn Commerce which also operates the domain registrar NameBright.com and their company investment portfolio, HugeDomains.com. Because of being investors as well as a drop catch provider, there is some contention on whether or not there is a conflict of interest. HugeDomains does use the dropcatch engine to capture their own domains so in many cases, names that were backordered by them first will not make it to public auction. To give you an idea of scale, hugedomains.com personally owns over 3.9 million domains making them the single largest portfolio holder and reseller of premium domains.


DropCatch.com has two paths for purchasing backorders. The standard backorder cost ensures priority over backorders placed by members of the discount club and cost $59. Discount club members may place a backorder for $15 - $58 dollars. 

General Pricing

Auction Type: No Reserve

Audience: Public and Private+

Price: $59

+If there is only one backorder on a domain, the domain is awarded privately to the holder with no auction. If there are multiple backorders for the same domain, it will go to public auction for 3 days where it's then awarded to the highest bidder.

Discount Club Backorders

Auction Type: No Reserve

Audience: Public and Private

Price: pre-auction bid of $15 - $58


  • Competitive backorder pricing
  • Industry leading capture rates
  • Easy to use interface


  • High competition public auctions
  • Inter company competition with HugeDomains.com
  • Consumer confusion regarding Discount Club vs. standard backorders

Take Away

DropCatch.com has an extremely high capture rate for pending delete domains and as such, is a great resource for buyers looking to guarantee that they have a chance to capture the domain of their choice. That said, the public auction system and high competition often inhibits investors from the hope of discovering and winning a "hidden gem" at a price that leaves a large resale margin. That, coupled with competing against hugedomains.com can lead to animosity and user distrust.

Learn More about DropCatch.com

To learn more about dropcatch.com, visit their FAQ page at the link below or check our Tips and Tricks page to learn about competitive advantages.