Drop Domain Capturing


DropEngine.com has taken a different approach to domain investing and drop domain capturing. Using automated algorithms and learning AI, they acquire domains with high resale probability and offer them to domain investors at wholesale cost.. continue reading


Godaddy.com is most known for their pre-release / expired domain auctions however, they do offer domain backorder as well. While the UI is simple to use and the price is extremely affordable, drop domain capturing.. continue reading


If you have the ability to review and locate high quality drop domains, DropCatch.com brings the horsepower to the equation. Hands down, dropcatch.com boasts the highest capture rate for drop domains however.. continue reading


With the exception of Godaddy, NameJet.com has the largest and most active pre-release and drop auction network. Because of the registrars that feed their marketplace, you can always locate high quality aged domains.. continue reading


While SnapNames.com market share in the expired domain auctions has slipped over recent years, their pending delete domain drop capture rate has not suffered. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for.. continue reading


Unlike other domain drop capturing services, Hexonet.com has become a leader in a niche space. While they aren't much help in catching generic TLDs, they do top the market in ccTLD capture rates. Additionally, several ccTLDs that are not.. continue reading